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Company History

Since the Introduction of the original Model "M" in 1965, Lehman Manufacturing has continued to be the worldwide leader in slip mixing and casting equipment. Today, we offer over 50 different models that are marketed under the trademarked names of Slip-O-Matic™ and Studio Star™ .

We are the exclusive manufacturers of three unique pumps that we designed for pumping liquid ceramic slip. Our Slip-O-Matic™ centrifugal pump has no bearings or seals exposed to the slip. The unit is so durable that we back it with a complete two year warranty. The same technology is used as the drive system manufacturers all around the world.

Our Studio Star™ line is specifically designed to meet the needs of those who are just beginning to pour molds. We offer several models that are smaller in size, yet provide for greatly-improved greenware production.

Every piece of Lehman Equipment is designed to increase productivity and reduce your work effort. We use the finest materials to assemble each machine with craftsman quality. We offer it at a reasonable price and back it with great service. It is our commitment to the ceramic industry to build the best and most innovative pouring room equipment.